Theatre Mala Scena with performance Parachutists in Austria

Theatre Mala Scena will have guest appearance at the KuKuk Festival in Austria with heir performance Parachutists Or On The Art Of Falling, a part of their mini tour through Austria between 3rd and 18th March.

Gavran's play Forget Hollywood to be premiered in Vienna

Miro Gavran's play Forget Hollywood will be premiered on 3rd of March at the Theatre Brett in Vienna. The play will be performed twenty times till 28th March.

Natasa Stanic and Sanja Jankovic perform with La Spirale d'Or

La Spirale d'Or returns with performance ReCalling written & directed by Shelly De Vito   will be staged on March 6th and March 7th at 8.00pm at The Space in London. Croatian actresses Natasa Stanic and Sanja Jankovic will also partake in the event.

Winners of 5th ZagrebDox

On the 5th ZagrebDox, there were 54 films in the International and Regional categories competing for awards. Four juries have already decided on winners. The fifth, most numerous one - the audience - had been voting for their favorites throughout the week.

Istanbul Biennial curators (WHW) in China

Arthub is organizing the research trip of 11th Istanbul Biennial curators (Croatian collective WHW) from March 16th until 25th, 2009 in China to identify shared research topics and relevant artist projects.

Damir Simic featured in Premier Guitar Magazine

Rock guitarist Damir Simic has been presented in the latest edition of the Premier Guitar Magazine. Simic gave an interview about his carrier and what influenced his music.
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Rade Serbedzija nominated for Canadian film award ´Genie´

Croatian actor Rade Serbedzija has been nominated for Canadian film award "Genie" for his role in "Fugitive Pieces" directed by Jeremy Podeswa.
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Sanja Ivekovic nominee for the Ernst Schering Foundation Art Award

Sanja Ivekovic has been nominated for the Ernst Schering Foundation Art Award 2009. The Ernst Schering Foundation, founded in Berlin in 2002, has this year concluded a long term cooperation agreement with the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, in order to jointly tender the Schering Foundation Art Award.

Successful concert by Zeljka Caparin in Vienna

Pianist Zeljka Caparin had last week a successful concert in Vienna. She played compositions by Blagoje Bersa, Bela Bartok, Felix Mendelssohn, Ivo Macek, Joseph Haydn and Robert Schumann.

Lovro Pogorelic performs in Finland

Pianist Lovro Pogorelic will give recital on 24th and concert on 26th February with the Symphony Orchestra Kuopio in the synonymous city in Finland. This is his third guest performance in the Music Centre Kuopio which is well known for excellent acoustics’ performance.

Robert Belinic to play guitar at the University of Chicago

Robert Belinic, acclaimed Croatian guitarist, will have a concert at the Khorsabad Court of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, Tuesday, March 10, 6:30 pm.

More than 50,000 visitors at Zagreb Museum exhibit of Rembrandt’s graphics

More than 50,000 visitors saw the exhibition of Rembrandt's graphics held at the Zagreb Museum for Arts and Crafts from 9 December 2008 – 15 February 2009.

Zagreb Youth Theatre to perform at Vienna´s Volkstheater

The Zagreb Youth Theatre (ZKM) will perform two plays at Vienna’s Volkstheater on 20 and 21 February during its "Best from the East" programme.
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Dance web project – The Book

The Book project initiated in 2008 a series of interviews with new generation of Croatian choreographers and authors focusing the talks on the issues of generating, positioning and methodologizing of their current artistic work.

Gavranfest 2009 in Slovakia

Since 2003, the Jan Palarik Theatre from Trnava, Slovakia has organised a theatre festival at which only the dramas and comedies of the Croatian author, Miro Gavran, are performed.

International Physical Theatre Laboratory

International Physical Theatre Laboratory with the Russian theatre director and teacher Sergei Ostrenko takes place from April 27 - May 2 in Malta.

Frederic Gies's Dance (Praticable) in Zagreb

EkS scena invites you to visit performance Dance (Praticable) by Frederic Gies on 14th of February (8pm) in Theatre &td in Zagreb (Croatia). Frederic Gies’s guest performance is a part of TransWarp programme 08/09 organized by EkS scena.

Painter Rudolf Pater exhibits landscapes in US

Familiar landscapes put on canvas by painter Rudolf Pater are going to be exhibited in the American Congress building on Capitol Hill, Washington in early February. Pater will be the first Croat to exhibit his works in this familiar American architectural and political symbol in the recently opened public areas of Congress which is opening its doors for cultural events.
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New book: Connecting Croatia

The research project Connecting Croatia - The Public, Private and Civil Sector of Culture in the Virtual Space was conducted during 2007 by the Culturelink Network/IMO with the aim of answering the question whether digital culture is opening up new prospects of cultural diversity and international cultural communication and cooperation in Croatia.

UN proclaimed 2009 the International Year of Astronomy

The United Nations 62nd General Assembly proclaimed 2009 the International Year of Astronomy. UNESCO was designated as the lead agency and focal point for the Year.

Croatian Audiovisual Centre and films at EFM

Croatian Audiovisual Centre partakes at the European Film Market between 5th and 15th February in Berlin. The fair is a part of 59th Berlin Film Festival, giving the opportunity for various organizations related to cinema industry to network.
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Festival Tanztendenzen 2009

Festival Tanztendenzen invites all interested choreographers and performers to submit their artworks in the fields of (performance art, installation, and video).

Numen as stage designers for Tomaz Pandur

Internationally acclaimed design company Numen is again in engagement with the renowned world theatre director Tomaz Pandur on his new project Hamlet by William Shakespeare in Madrid’s theatre Matadero.
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Art Magazine 'Zivot umjetnosti'

New issue of the bilingual art magazine 'Zivot umjetnosti' has been launched. Its topic is created around slogan New Words, New Time, New Places - Issue-ing The Revolution.

Split City Puppet Theatre in Alexandria

Split City Puppet Theatre will give guest performances at the 6th the Creative Forum for Independent Theatre Groups Europe – Mediterranean which is set to take place from 1st to 10th February in Alexandria (Egypt).
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Participating artists for Skopje Biennale 2009

The following Croatian artists have been selected for 14th the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean (BJCEM) which is set to take place in Skopje (Macedonia) between 3rd and 12th September: Sebastijan Dracic, Mirna Kutlesa, Ana Sladetic, Hana Miletic, Goran Skofic, Darija Zmak, Dean Klemenc, Tomislav Durdevic, Dora Budor & Maja Cule, Dunja Jankovic, Irena Skoric, Matija Ferlin and Antonija Novakovic.
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Dubravka Vrgoc at Conference on German dramaturgy

Dubravka Vrgoc, director of propulsive ZeKaEm Theatre and World Theatre Festival partakes at the conference for German dramaturges which is set to take place from 29th to 1st February in Erlangen (Germany).

International Documentary Film Festival ‘Zagreb Dox’ - 2009

ZagrebDox, an international documentary film festival is taking place in Zagreb from February 23rd to March 1st. The festival has three programs - the Regional Competition, the International Competition and the Documentary & Other program.
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Filmmaker Stanka Gjuric member of WPT4C

Filmmaker Stanka Gjuric has become an adviser for the World Peace Tour 4 Children Mission because of ‘for her outstanding work for human rights'.
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Saxophonist Zdenko Ivanusic nominee at Fame Games Effigy Awards 2009

On the recent music event Fame Games Effigy Awards 2008 Croatian saxophonist Zdenko Ivanusic had forth nominations in three categories.

Petar Zoranic 1508-1569 important Croatian Renaissance writer

Petar Zoranić is one of the pillars of Croatian Renaissance literature. The life of Petar Zoranic has in greater part remained a mystery up to the present day. In terms of themes and genre he had his inheritors but also contemporaries.
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Lovro Pogorelic’s new CD

Pianist Lovro Pogorelic has a new CD with compositions by Rachmaninoff and Mussorgsky. The CD has been launched in France by record label from Paris – Intrada. The official concert promotion will take place on 26th May in Salle Gaveau

Split's Croatian National Ballet on winter tour in Italy and Switzerland

The Ballet Ensemble of Split's National Theatre will start their tour through Italy and one performance in Switzerland on 27th January in the city of Rende.

Croatian Films at International Film Festivals

Croatian filmmakers and video artists Ana Husman, Veljko Popovic and Simon Bogojevic Narath will present their art works on several European Film Festivals: Rotterdam International Film Festival, Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival and Berlinale’s Culinary Cinema programme.

Writer Damir Karakas at Cairo Book Fair

Writer Damir Karakas partakes at the Cairo Book Fair from 24th January to 1st February in Egypt. Jointly with the author, Egyptian translator of Karakas’s book ‘Eskimos’, dr Ossama Elkaffash will present the book which was published by respectable publisher Dar El Kalem.

Ivan Blazevic, Marina Baric and Branko Lenic exhibit in Germany

Ivan Blazevic, Marina Baric and Branko Lenic will exhibit their works in Germany, more precisely in cities of Wilhelmshaven, Essen and Gelsenkirchen during February, March and April.

Matija Ferlin: Sad Sam almost 6 to be premiered in Ljubljana

Sad Sam Almost 6 the new solo work by Matija Ferlin comes as a continuation of the ongoing SaD SaM series that started in January 2004 in Amsterdam when the first SaD Sam (Now I am) was shown. Slovenian audience had a chance to see his SaD SaM (revised) in 2007 at the Mladi levi Festival in Ljubljana and also at Performa in Maribor.
new edition announcement – Portal on heritage

The Croatian Cultural Heritage project is a national project for the digitisation of archival, library and museum material. It is intended to encourage the creation of new digital contents, improve its accessibility and visibility, and promote a systematic and even approach to the digitisation of holdings in cultural institutions.

Museum of Broken Relationships in Singapore and San Francisco

Museum of Broken Relationships is on view as a part of the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival from 7th January. The project intends with its layout to create a space of 'secure memory' or 'protected remembrance' in order to preserve the material and nonmaterial heritage of broken relationships.

Renata Poljak at group exhibition in USA

Video artist Renata Poljak partakes at group exhibition Things Fall Apart in New York's Winkelman Gallery. The exhibition which is curated by Joy Garnett, is on view from 16th January till 21st February.

BADco.: 1 poor and one 0 – Premiere

BADco. will premiere their latest artwork ‘1 poor and one 0’ from 14th to 17th January in &td Theatre in Zagreb. The company previously had a successfully world premier in October 2008 at ‘Steirischer herbst’ in Austria.
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Prix Ars Electronica 2009

The 23rd Prix Ars Electronica - International Competition for CyberArts is open for entries. This year, six Golden Nicas, twelve Awards of Distinction and approximately 70 Honorary Mentions as well as [the next idea] Art and Technology Grant and the Media.Art.Research Award are presented to participants.

Croatian poets in Poland

Writers Sonja Manojlovic, Tomica Bajsic and Ivan Kordic participate at the cultural exchange between Polish and Croatian Writers’ Societies in Warsaw between 12th and 15th January.
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Cultu(RE)gion online! The Future Goes By!

The regional conference Cultu(RE)gion online! The Future Goes By!, dealing with the significance of culture portals, the need to utilize the potential of Internet development and opportunities and challenges on the path towards innovative cooperation in the region will take place on 8-9 December 2008 in Belgrade.

Balkanology, New Architecture and Urban Phenomena in SEE at wmmna

The exhibition 'Balkanology, New Architecture and Urban Phenomena in SEE' has been reviewed last week at the respectable blog We Make Money Not Art. The exhibition is on view at the Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel presenting projects in Belgrade, Zagreb, Kotor, Prishtina and Tirana to illustrate the way architects, artists, urbanists and activists are dealing with these rapid new transformation processes.
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