Shadow Casters at the MESS Festival in Sarajevo

Monday, October 6 at 20 h
ZeKaeM (Zagreb Youth Theatre) Teslina 7, Zagreb
Tickets: +385 1 4872-554; 4874-582

Inspired by the work of Franz Kafka and Orson Welles
Concept, dramaturgy and directing: Boris Bakal
Cast: Nina Violic, Damir Klemenic i Boris Bakal
Video: Katarina Pejovic, Nenad Vukušic, Josip
Viskovic, Ivan Marusic Klif i Boris Bakal
VJ-ing: Nenad Vukušic (Ivan Slipcevic, Plakor
Dramaturgy and Production Assistant: Luka Rukavina
Concept and Dramaturgy Consultant: Katarina Pejovic
Space and Lighting: Boris Bakal i Pina Siotto
Costumes: Martina Franic
Production: Shadow Casters (Zagreb), Orchestra Stolpnik
(Bologna), Dani Hrvatskog Filma, Galerija SC
Support: City Office for Culture – Zagreb, Assessorato alla
Cultura-Bologna and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

One of the essential ideas of this project is the renewal of battlefield: re-defining the territory of Kafka’s “metaphysical” estrangement within the actual political and philosophical assumptions he dealt with throughout his life.

Unlike the second part of the trilogy, Ex-position, which tackles one part of The Trial - the parable Legend of the Law - in the form of a unique travel through one’s own memory, feelings and sub-consciousness, as well as the first part of the trilogy, Vacation from History, a meta(physical) comment on Kafka’s work as a travel on the edge of collective and individual consciousness, Process_in_Progress is based on the adaptation of the entire Kafka’s novel and shaped into a VJ opera-performance, juxtaposing the live mediums of actors and video.

The concept and implementation of VJ’ing in Process_in_Progress (live recording and processing of picture) derive out of this particular reading of Kafka’s work, tending to avoid the seductive possibilities that the digital technology nowadays offers in an ad nauseam abundance. The performers have at their disposal a device for expanding their own range of expression and for working on a sort of instant intuitive reflection of their stage actions.

Thus VJ’ing holds the position of equal protagonist within the frame of Process_in_Progress. Here, the classical linear experience, otherwise immanent to the perception of performing act, enters the dialogue with other perspectives, details, reproductions and/or re-combinations of that same act.

As the sum of those methods, the notorious use of digital mirror in Process_in_Progress turns towards the metaphysical: the pixelated gaze subsides, approaching Zen state.

Monday, October 6 at 20h
Teslina 7, Zagreb
Tickets: + 385 1 4872-554; 4874-582

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