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Radovan Ivsic passed away

place: Paris, France
Poet and playwright Radovan Ivsic has passed away on 25th of December in his home in Paris. Radovan Ivsic is a world wide known as the poet and playwright of surrealist inspiration.

Radovan Ivsic was born in Zagreb in 1921 and discovered Paris at the age of 16. In 1938, then a student in Grenoble, he travelled to Orange to attend the Choregies festival. There, a performance of a Sophoclean tragedy “enchants him so that he decides to dedicate himself solely to theatre”.

Ivsic was always a “symbol of decadent art”. His play Narcissus is forbidden from 1942 and King Gordogane (written in 1943) is only performed ten years later.

The poet and playwright, praised by Andre Breton and known as “the master” to some, belongs to an “endangered species”, alongside his Romanian friend Eugene Ionesco, father of the absurd.

(D.H., 28.12.2009)