Where's the Revolution, Scum? won the Special Jury Award at the 48th Edition of BITEF

place: Belgrade, Serbia
New MONTAЖ$TROJ's theatre production WHERE'S THE REVOLUTION, SCUM? had the honor of opening the 48th edition of the festival Bitef on September the 20th 2014. in the Home of Youth in Belgrade. This year's Bitef was entirely dedicated to politically engaged theatre which questions our mutual past, present and future in a provocative way.

On the last day of the festival, on September the 30th 2014., the international festival jury composed of Lilach Dekel-Avner, Ulla Kasius, Vitold Mrožek, Ana Tomović and Periša Perišić awarded MONTAЖ$TROJ's performance directed by Borut Šeparović with the Special Jury Award.

As explained by the jury, the Special award was given to the performance WHERE'S THE REVOLUTION, SCUM? because it represents “Exceptional reflection about the position of an artist in the modern society conducted through rethinking and pageant of its already existent and controversial material”.

Performance WHERE'S THE REVOLUTION, SCUM? questions the roll of music and theatre in social changes and discloses the false promises of art that it can change the system we live in with its revolt.

Grand Prix Mira Trailović of this year's Bitef went to Oliver Frljić for his play “Aleksandra Zec” in the production of HKD Theater from Rijeka and International festival of small stages from Rijeka. The Public Award as well as the award of the daily newspaper Politika went to Andraš Urban for the play “Neoplanta” in the production of Újvidéki Színház.