17th FAKI Festival

time: 5.12.2014. - 20.12.2014.
place: Zagreb
organiser: Attack
This year's Festival of Alternative Theatrical Expression is dedicated to the subject of winter and other climatic conditions. During the five days of the festival, FAKI will present eight performances from Croatia, region and the world, as well as three international theatre residences that start on 5th of December.

FAKI opens on December 16th with the play 'Že(d)na udaha' ('(She's) Thirsty for Air' by Theatre Nemerik from Pula. The next day group PunkoŠIPAK from Zagreb will perform, with their director Irena Boćkai who also comes from Pula's alternative theater Dr. Inat. PunkoŠIPAK presents the play '(S)letovi' ('Fly (down)') in which they are searching for orientation and identification using spatial awareness that is found in swarm intelligence. On December 18 Porodica bistrih potoka (The Clear Streams Family) from Rudnik mountain in Serbia,who have already performed at FAKI ten years ago, will present their play "Stid" (Shame). The play recalls the primordial human dignity which is now obscured by social meaninglessness and depression. After the play, director and founder of the oldest eco-artistic commune in Serbia, Božidar Mandić, will give a lecture 'Non-scheduled art' about his life and artistic work during forty years in the forest.

Two shows a day are programmed for December 19 and 20. At 20h Blanka Bukač's 'Solange', monodrama that uses exceptional, powerful theatrical language to indicate the necessity of humanity, human dignity, life worthy of man and his work, without daily coercion of class limitations, without humiliation, without manipulation, without hiding the truth and finally without betrayal of personal ideals and dreams. Read more here

Admission to the festival is free.