Dubrovnik Summer Festival 2014

time: 10.7.2014. - 21.8.2014.
place: Dubrovnik, Croatia
organiser: DLJI
During  47 days of the Festival, more than 2000 artists from across the globe are to perform 80 theatre, music, ballet, folklore and other programmes on nearly 20 ambiental locations in front of an international audience. The festival takes place from July 10th until August 25th.

The premiere theatre programme of the 65th Dubrovnik Summer Festival is to be opened by Romeo and Juliet on July 25th, under the direction of Jagoš Marković, who placed one of the most beautiful love stories in the Renaissance summer residence Skočibuha located on Boninovo, not only to celebrate Shakespeare's 450th birth anniversary, but to also remind us of the value of love and the sin of hatred. Držić's most famous and most performed comedy Uncle Maroje,directed by Krešimir Dolenčić,premieres 9th August on Držić Square. Even in 2014, Dolenčić's Uncle poses current questions on father–son relationships about what we are leaving in heritage and the City we are passing on to our children.

The legendary Vojnović's Equinox , directed by Joško Juvančić  and  performed by the Festival's drama ensemble, found it's place in this year's programme displaying the peaks of exellence of Dubrovnik's ambiental theatre. The Student ensemble Lero will be performing it's newest project Opscuration created according to the writings of Ruđer and Anica Bošković, which is the first ever adaptation of their notes in the Croatian theatre. On August 5th, the Croatian Victory and National Thanksgiving Day, there will be a performance of fragments from Džemila Bukovica's War Diary in the Aquarium. On the same day „Writers in Sponza“ , an accomplished project in partnership with the Croatian Writers Association, will continue it's last year's success. It will include premieres of fragments from the novel Ocean Sea selected and adapted by Mani Gotovac, as well as a performance by HNK Varaždin supported by the Italian Institute for Culture in Zagreb, which will be performed in the Šulić Beach in the presence of the author Alessandro Baricco, himself, who will be hosting his own literitary evening. Furthermore, the audience will be presented with a theatrical version of a piece by Ivo Brešan directed by Vinko Brešan along with an evening with the author Ivan Vidić. An evening with Arsen Dedić alonside Matija Dedić on the piano will be held in the Rector's Palace as part of a project under the title A Writer of All Genres.

A Neobarqoue ballet cooproduction of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, the Ljubljana Festival and the Slovenian National Thetare from Maribor Dangerous Liaisons, directed and choreographed by Valentina Turcu and Leo Mujić, will be placed on Bošković Square. It is based on the motives of the novel Les Liaisons dangereuses by Pierre Choderlos de Laclose, and performed to the music of baroque masters. Following the premiere in Dubrovnik, the ballet is to be performed in Križanke at the Ljubljana Festival, after which it will be placed on the repertoire of SNG Maribor. Ballet lovers will also have the opportunity to enjoy a ballet concert by the International Summer Ballet School Preparation...grand sissone with great ballet names such as Nina Semizorova and Aleksandar Lukjanov.

More details here: http://www.dubrovnik-festival.hr/en/news/65th-dubrovnik-summer-festival-opens-tomorrow