ZOOM Festival 2013.

time: 3.9.2013. - 8.9.2013.
place: Rijeka
organiser: Drugo more
The fourth Zoom festival proudly presents Showcase Beat le Mot, German performance theater collective established in the late 90s that set the basis for what we know today as postdramatic theater in Germany. Over the past 16 years of performing together, they have left a great impact on the performing arts scene. The audience in Rijeka will have the opportunity to see their three-hour show Alles (Everything) that attempts to disclose some of the yet unsolved mysteries of the mankind, such as how to build a perpetuum mobile. In Alles, the audience steps out of their customary roles of spectators and gets a chance to move on stage without constraints.

After their last year’s performance Lost in Space, the Vienna-based duo United Sorry (Frans Poelstra and Robert Steijn) will surprise us with Ghost Exit, the grand finale of their yearlong project Green Conversations that employs investigative journalism in discussing the nature and environmental issues.

Apart from international productions, Zoom festival also introduces several interesting Croatian performances. The premiere of This is not a Quintet, produced by Prostor Plus from Rijeka and Danspoolen from Sweden, is scheduled for the opening night. The project was conceptually designed by Selma Banich while the exquisite performers play with the audience’s perception.

Ana Kreitmeyer and Zrinka Užbinec will perform their Pauses at the closing night of the festival. Once again, the audience will also play an important role, giving actual physical support to the dancers in their emotional, intimate performance.

In cooperation with the Perforations festival, taking place from  5-8 September, we will get a chance to see Landings, a play by five young performers / authors from Rijeka: Nika Mišković, Nataša Antulov, Aleksandra Stojaković, Petra Mrša and Sanja Milardović, who dwell on the question „which performing act(s) can embody one’s attitude towards their hometown?”.

The Perforations festival also introduces the audiovisual project by the Sinkauz brothers and Ivan Marušić Klif, designed to investigate and unveil the process of making music on the spot through improvisation and sampling.

Together with Green Action, the Perforations festival will shed light on the points of intersection between arts and ecology.

This year’s workshops will carry rather indicative names – Subversion and Social Game, and will be conducted by Miloš Tomić and Marija Đorđević from Serbia. The workshops will be held in Molekula during the festival.

(Source: Drugo more)