International Percussionist Week 2013

time: 15.1.2013. - 19.1.2013.
place: ńĆakovec, Croatia
organiser: IPEW
10th edition of the International Percussionist Week will be held under the slogan Together in Rhythm between 15 and 19 January in the city of Bjelovar. The programme is consisted of diverse but focused programme with workshops, lectures, presentations and concerts in the field of percussion.

Tuesday, 15. 01. 2013
Opening concert 19,30h
- Chin-Cheng Lin (Taiwan)
- biNgbang, Zagreb Music Academy percussion ensemble, conducted by Igor Lešnik,
soloist Ivana Bilić / marimba (Croatia)

Wednesday, 16.01.2013
9,00h Adams presents:
Adams Artist Ludwig Albert Marimba and Marimba Universal Competition & Festival 2013

Concert 19,30h
- Lucid Duo (Bulgaria & Poland)
- Seoul National University Percussion Ensemble, conducted by Kyung-Hwan Choi (Korea)

Thursday, 17.01.2013
9,00h Lecture: Kyung-Hwan Choi (Korea)

Concert 19,30h
- Alexandru Anastasiu (Romania) / vibraphone
- Percussion Group PHONIX Reflection, conducted by Shiniti Ueno (Japan)
Friday, 18.01.2013.
9,00h Masterclass: Shiniti Ueno (Japan)

Concert 19,30h
- biNgbang soloists play works by IPEW guest artists: Filip Merčep / marimba
(Croatia, Zagreb Music Academy)
- The University of North Texas Percussion Ensemble, conducted by Mark Ford (USA)

Saturday, 19.01.2013
9,00h Lecture: Mark Ford, USA

Concert 19,30h
- PATRASCHE (Belgium), Katrine Dryuts / mezzosoprano, Ludwig Albert / marimba,
Chin Cheng Lin / marimba
- IPEW13 International Ensemble GALA (Croatia, Japan, Korea, Slovenia, Italy, USA),
soloist A. Anastasiu, conductors M. Ford, S. Ueno, K. Choi, I. Lešnik.

(Source: IPEW)