Urbanfestival 12: Between Worlds

time: 5.10.2012. - 15.10.2012.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
The twelfth edition of UrbanFestival focuses on the policies of remembrance, and besides interventions on four localities in the city, it includes exhibition programmes at Bačva Gallery and PM Gallery of the Croatian Artists’ Association (HDLU).

The newly produced interventions in public space reflect this year’s circumstances of production: owing to the radical cuts in public (municipal and state) financing, and in order to ensure adequate conditions for curatorial and artistic research, as well as retain the established practice of paying the artists and all other participants who contribute to the festival, we have decided to reduce the means of production and the total number of new productions.

The inclusion of the exhibition format into the festival resulted from the fact that our project participated in a public competition of HDLU’s annual programme, which gave us some space, both physical and financial, for working at the gallery venue and for yet another exploration of the possible mutations of our festival.

Between Worlds has had two starting points, the first being the notion of transition, which has become a notorious mantra accompanying the attempts at understanding and interpreting political and economic processes in which we have found ourselves in the post-socialist era. Read more…

(Text by Ana Kutleša and Ivana Hanaček)

(Source: Urbanfest)