Ponuda - radno mjesto, Canada

vrijeme: 28.5.2002. - 28.6.2002.
organizator: Studio XX

Studio XX prima molbe za radno mjesto Koordinatora Programa. Studio XX is now accepting applications for the position of Programming Co-ordinator.
Studio XX is a media arts and multimedia resource centre for women. Our mandate is twofold: we favour both the exhibition and the production of technological and digital art works by women. The Programming Co-ordinator is responsible for co-ordinating public events at Studio XX, and supervising collaborative projects with artists and other artist centres. The Programming Co-ordinator directs the Femmes Br@nchées (show-and-tell series on women and technology), other special events, collaborations and co-productions and the artists in residence program. The Programming Co-ordinator will supervise the Studio1s monthly electronic newsletter and oversee its inclusion on the web site. The Programming Co-ordinator would also be expected to provide the general manager with support in writing grant applications, and to work with a programming committee. The ideal candidate should possess a strong knowledge of new technologies and new media art (particularly web art); have an understanding of the challenges facing artist-run centres; and possess a good ability to work in a team environment. Ideally the candidate will be fluently bilingual (English/French), with strong communication skills and excellent writing skills in english. The position is 4 days a week, 28 hours a week. Beginning: August 5, 2002 Salary: $22 000 a year. The deadline for applications is June 28, 2002. Only those candidates considered for an interview will be contacted. Please send a cover letter and CV to Studio XX, 338, Terrasse Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC, H2X 1E8 or email