3rd International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival - VAFI

time: 13.4.2012. - 15.4.2012.
place: VaraĹždin, Croatia
3rd International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival - VAFI is a competitive festival that aims to foster the production and animation scene in northern part of Croatia. The festival takes place from 13 to 15 April in the baroque city of Varaždin.

VAFI has three competitive categories divided by the age of the author(s): MINI (for children under 10 years), MIDI (for children from 11 – 14 years) and MAXI (for youth from 15 – 18 years).
Films will be competing for first prize - a Diploma and Statue Vafi, which was created by a young academic sculptor Azra Grabčanović and four equal second prizes in each category - Diploma. The festival will take place at three locations - in the Multimedia Centre KULT, Atrium of The Old Town and in the Herzer palace.

VAFI 2011 had 183 films from 25 countries submitted or in total more than 500 minutes, from which 86 of them entered the official competition or about 300 minutes in total. Film will be shown in 5 official projections. Selectors were Bajko Hromalić and Simon Bogojević Narath.

The awards will be decided by an international expert jury consisting of Sayoko Kinoshita (Japan), Miomir Rajčević (Serbia), Simon Bogojević Narath (Croatia).

Sayoko Kinoshita is also and the special guest of the Festival – she is the founder of Hiroshima festival and vice president of ASIFA World.

(Source: VAFI)