Documentary "Postcards from Asia" about Nikolina Nikoleski

Documentary film "Postcards from Asia" directed by Radovan Sredic covers Bharatanatyam dancer and choreographer Nikolina Nikoleski. Watch the film on Culturenet.

Radovan Sredic was born in Zagreb,Croatia, 1955. He graduated Academy of Art in 1979. as a cameraman. Sredić is an author of a great number of films and documentaries made for Croatian Television. He has travelled around the world, making films, allways going back to East, India, Thailand,Sri Lanka,Laos,Vietnam, Burma, Borneo, Sri Lanka, Tansania, China See, Sud Africa…

In seventies he became interesed in jewellery. Since then it is his life occupation. he is making artistic jewellery from rare and natural materials mostly from Asia. The jewellery he made were shown at many exibitions in Croatia as well as in foreign countries; Austria, USA, India, Poland, Sri Lanka, India, etc. Member of Croatian association of Artist of Applied arts. Radovan Sredić lives in Zagreb and Rovinj.

Nikolina Nikoleski was born in Zagreb, Croatia. Her passionate interest towards expressive movements and music drew her to dance early in her life. At the age of four she trained rhythmic gymnastics and developed her dance technique through various dance styles. She studied classical ballet, folk dances and graduated in Laban’s contemporary dance style from the High School for Dance and rhythmic in Zagreb, Croatia. After graduation, she moved to Austria in order to join the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance ( The principal of the Academy is Susan Quinn, for many years - a solo dancer of great Merce Cunningham Dance Company, USA.


A year later she was accepted at the world-famous Dance Academy – the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen in Germany, which is the one of the main world centres of contemporary dance ( This Academy was also the art-cradle of some of the world’s greatest choreographers such as Pina Bausch, Susane Linke, Joachim Schloemer and others. Soon after joining, Nikolina was awarded with two scholarships – one from the board of FHS Essen and the other from the Cologne Art Foundation. While studying the modern dance, Nikolina also performed in many dance festivals and competitions of France, Austria, Africa, Spain, Germany, and Croatia.

After graduation at Folkwang Hochschule in Essen, Nikolina moved to India.. Her studies began in Kerala, under the Dhananjayans - famous students of legendary Rukmini Devi of Kalaksetra (

Shortly after coming to India, Indian Council for Cultural Relations awarded her a scholarship to study Bharatanatyam in the leading dance institute of India, Ganesha Natyalaya, and she has chosen the most valuable guidance of one of the world’s greatest Masters of this art –- Padmashree Guru Saroja Vaidyanathan (

Under the inspiring guidance of Guruji, Nikolina has been able to expand her talents and creativity till finest nuances. She professionally performs in India at prestigious classical dance festivals, such as Khajuraho festival, Chennai season, Mahabalipuram, Taj Mahal, Kuruksetra festival, Chandigarh, Noida, Patna, Rajgir, Ahmedabad, Purana Quila and many others. Indian critics and artists praise Nikolina as “an artist of non Indian by birth, but of pure Indian soul”. Her authentic and sincere interpretations of demanding characters and portraying great epic stories, Indian public described as “complete merging and absorbing in Indian ancient culture’’…