Platform of Young Choreographers 2011

time: 9.10.2011. - 16.10.2011.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Tala Dance Centre
Platforma.hr is a seven-day international gathering of choreographers, dance artists and groups which, through a range of various formats (performances, workshops, lectures, discussions), exchange ideas, experiences, reflections and individual approaches to dance, while at the same time presenting their creative work.

More detailed programme here: http://tala.hr/

The purpose of Platforma.hr is promotion, establishment and development of local, regional and international cultural cooperation through networking, exchanging and achieving various programs and projects. The Platform of Young Choreographers has come to life in 2000, out of need for creating and strenghtening the Croatian dance scene.

Through these eleven years of its existence it has grown into a big and important manifestation and has become an unavoidable meeting point of the best Croatian and international dancers and choreographers.

Authors who today embody the concept of Croatian dance have made their debuts under the Platform's wing, and the Platform helped their establishment and breakthrough into the international dance scene. From this year on, the Platform of Young Choreographers has changed its name into Platforma.hr.

This year's Platforma.hr is going to present eminent choreographers and dancers from Croatia, Israel, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark and Slovenia. The backbone of this year's program are Croatian premieres. We'll perform 10 new titles, present 28 authors in alltogether 18 shows.

The long-time partners from the ALMADA and NDA network will present their artists through performances and lectures, and this year the festival will present the Aerowaves network and their artist selection, as well as the Creative Criticism Workshop.

Instead of the usual "Break a Leg" evening, this year young authors are invited to a new kind of cooperation within the TASK project. The project is the center of this year's Platform, because, as the Platform itself, it aspires to a new way of dance scene artists networking.

The visual identity of this year's Platforma.hr has been designed by opening the space to eminent representatives of the Croatian dance scene, who are retired, such as Milana Broš, Milko Šparemblek and others. Their careers, their works of art and their unyielding way of living dance, have set an example of how, despite of an extremely negative attitude of the cultural politics institutions towards this kind of art, immortal works can be created, and new generations influenced.

The creators of Platforma.hr wish to put a stop to this practice. This campaign's aim is to start a foundation that will strive to improve the cultural politics, working conditions and presentation of works on the Croatian dance scene, by continuously co-financing young dance artists. The slogan COME TO THE PLATFORM will be your invitation to come and see all the programs we offer this year.

(Source: Tala.hr)