50 years of concerts at the Basilica Euphrasiana

time: 8.7.2011. - 26.8.2011.
place: Porec, Croatia
Numerous national and international classical music concerts are organized and produced in the framework of the Concert Season at the Basilica Of Eufrasius that has been organized by the Cultural Department of the Open University for the past 50 years.
The Basilica of Eufrasius, one of the three most famous basilicas in the world (Ravenna, Hagia Sophia and Poreč), is an Early Christian architectural complex located within the Poreč Authority of the Diocese of Pula.
It is a place of prayer, contemplation, worship and art. For almost five decades now, this protected UNESCO monument of culture (since 1997) has been the host of the Concert Season organized by the Open University of Poreč. In the framework of the Concert Season, the Open University presents musical accomplishments by Croatian and international artists through a careful selection of concerts and artists, preserving at the same time the integrity and glory of this valuable monument of culture. As one of its most important challenges, it combines only the best of both worlds.

Through chamber music and the exceptional musical performances that have become the cornerstone of the Concert Season at the Basilica of Eufrasius, the Open University has promoted a large number of Croatian artists, strengthening in doing so the national identity of the Concert Season. Impressive guest performances by both Croatian and international performers along with the 47-year-old tradition and continuity give the CONCERT SEASON the integrity and timeless value similar to that of the wall mosaics of its only home, the Basilica of Eufrasius.

CONCERT SEASON AT THE BASILICA OF EUFRASIUS showed a noticeable progress in terms of the program that has evolved over the decades shaping its own cultural identity. The fact that the Concert Season has been organized for the past 40 years in a row under the auspices of the Croatian Ministry of Culture clearly and fundamentally underlines its value and recognized quality.

The Concert Season at the Basilica of Eufrasius is organized during July and August.