ZadArsNova 2011

time: 7.8.2011. - 14.8.2011.
place: Zadar, Croatia
organiser: Zadar Snova
ZadArsNova Festival takes place from 7th to 14th August in the city of Zadar, Croatia. This year the festival joins its forces with Tabor Film Festival offering not only theatre and performances but also special film program.

More detailed programme here

Zadar snova festival was founded in 1997 with a mission to provide an up to date art experience. It emphasizes on modern theatre, dance and music productions, art performances and challenges in fusions of arts and media. Festival has a history of presenting and supporting local independent artists, has produced a number of own and collaborative productions and is a member of regional and international culture networks.

In an 8-day period from 7 to 14 of August, the Festival presents selections of internationally renowned authors according to a principle of ultimate openness towards the format of artistic message. In a blend of modern arts and ancient Dalmatian settings gives a full focus on the content of artistic idea while supporting innovative forms of its expression.