Subversive Film Festival 2011

time: 7.5.2011. - 24.5.2011.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Subverzive Film Festival
Subversive Film Festival is no ordinary, competition film festival. It is first-of-a-kind hybrid of film/video and critical theory, aiming to explore and understand recent cultural history.
The festival is divided in two frames: theoretical part with conference and film screenings.

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4th Subversive Film Festival kept its feisty spirit, together with the revolutionary forces that belong to active minorities rather than to the public, with the public and its prejudice, levity and strong convictions, with the public left to deal with the crises and awakened nationalisms, the public where there is no room for pedagogues, nor statesmen or influential people, the public which is state enemy number one when they come out in the streets and demand real democracy instead of the ruling kleptocracy and oligarchy.

During the seventeen days in May, the festival will present the most important works of Indian and African cinematography in the cinemas ‘’Europa’’ and ‘’Tuškanac’’. The screenings will be accompanied by a catalogue comprising texts of the selectors of certain sections.

An accompaying material will also include ‘’Up & Underground’’, a critical-theoretical dossier which includes texts and interviews with the visiting theoreticians, filmmakers and activists, and which will be accompanied by the first issue of ‘’Subversive International’’, a sixteen page long guide through the program limbos.

(Source: Subverzive Film Festival)