Queer Zagreb 2011

time: 26.4.2011. - 6.5.2011.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Queer Zagreb
9th Queer Zagreb presents rich, inventive and intriguing theatre and film program with 10 performances by more than 40 artists from Italy, Germany, Spain, Ireland, USA, France and Croatia.

The festival will be opened with the world premiere of new production by Luca Giacomo Schulte - 'Joseph', which is an biographical work created in collaboration with the African-American dancer Joseph P. Cooksey, who danced in the famous Alvin Ailey Dance Company. Luca Giacomo Schulte is a longtime collaborator of Raimund Hoghe.
'Italian' segment of the festival brings together three troupes; Sineglossa and the performance 'Remember Me'  by Henry Purcell evokes the allegorical Dido's suffering due to the departure of Aeneas and the desire to be remembered after her suicide, creating a link with mental, emotional and cultural state of mind. Plumes dans la tête’s performance  'La quiescenza del seme' deals with the incubation period and is consisted of a variety of visual metaphors in an impressive and physically demanding performance. The third group in the Italian program is Ricci / Forte, a guest with the play 'Macadamia nut brittle' - a cruel tale of adolescence on the foundations of poetry by Dennis Cooper.
This year's film program QueerAsia will be held at the Europa Cinema from 3rd to 6th May offering a sort of cross-section of an Asian film with a choice of up to 5 films already presented at relevant international film festivals in the area of Asia, and thus an insight into the Asian view of the queer.
This year's program in particular stands out  for clubbing and festival delicacies - visit PussyFaggot party concept from New York, producer and organizer by cult New York entertainment, Earl E. Dax.