Documentary rock-film festival in three cities

time: 4.3.2010. - 7.3.2010.
place: Vinkovci, Rijeka, Zagreb (Croatia)
organiser: DORF
The DORF 2010 documentary rock-film festival will be held from 4 to 7 March in Vinkovci, Zagreb and Rijeka. Festival organizer RARE, an association of film fans, said the festival would show documentary music films from eight countries this year.

It will feature 21 films chosen by this year’s selector Leon Rizmaul among films from Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, Morocco, the UK, Bulgaria and the Netherlands.

The opening ceremony will feature the screening of "Oil City Confidential," a film by Julien Temple about UK pop rock band "Dr. Feelgood".

The special festival guest will be David Kleijwegt from the Netherlands, who will show his two films "Eternal Children" and "Low - You may need a murderer".

German Peter Braatz will receive special recognition for his work.

(Source: Croatian Times