Perforations – week of live art

time: 25.9.2009. - 30.1.2010.
place: Dubrovnik - Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Domino
Perforations – week of live art is a new festival in Croatia with the aim of initiating and supporting innovation in performing arts, starting collaboration projects with local and international arts organisations and festivals as well as to nurture the environment for further development of independent artists and cultural scene.

Long term neglect of the local non-institutional cultural field, the lack of systematic and continuous support for local artists and artistic collectives resulted in difficulties for development and sustainability of the independent culture. It is often the artists working outside institutional frames that represent the most dynamic, progressive and refreshing segment of a particular cultural landscape. The festival program presents a wide range of artistic ideas and aesthetics with a special focus on regional artists, previously unparalleled within already existing festivals. In addition, different organisational activities part of Perforations festival, like creating a network of co-producing partners, will try to make up for the system deficiencies of the local and regional artistic support and policy levels with the overall goal of creating more opportunities for collaboration and artistic excellence.

Perforations – week of live art takes place in two cities, Dubrovnik and Zagreb, and includes more than thirty performances which cover different genres including dance, theatre and live art.

The collaboration with Art Workshop Lazareti in Dubrovnik and Student Center’s Culture of Change in Zagreb enables the festival to be held in two different cities while functioning as a rounded programmed event without repeating the programs from Zagreb in Dubrovnik or the other way round. This was an important decision as it challenges the common and very usual centralization of cultural activities in Croatia to Zagreb.

Check out the programme for more detailed information on the program and the artists. 

(Text by Zvonimir Dobrovic)