XIV BJCEM 2009 in Skopje

time: 3.9.2009. - 12.9.2009.
place: Skopje, Macedonia
organiser: BJCEM
The XIV Edition of the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean takes place from 3rd to 12th September in Skopje (Macedonia). For the Biennial in Skopje 708 artists aged from 18 to 30, coming form 43 Euro-Mediterranean countries were selected.

The selections will be managed by specific local juries composed by curators, contemporary art critics, well known artists and cultural operators in order to guarantee and high professional level and quality.

Participating artists from Croatia: Dora Budor, Maja Cule, Sebastijan Dracic, Tomislav Durdevic, Matija Ferlin, Dunja Jankovic, Dean Klemenc, Mirna Kutlesa, Hana Miletic, Antonija Novakovic, Goran Skofic, Irena Skoric, Ana Sladetic and Darija Zmak.

After the selections each jury will fill in a specific report attesting the results of the selecting process in which they will insert their CV, the motivation of their choices and the name of the selected artists to guarantee a transparent process. In the last edition of the event, Puglia 2008, almost 30,000 young people applied to the Call for Participants, 713 artists were selected and 522 were the jurors involved.

The Bjcem Association is an international network, born in Sarajevo in July 2001 to institutionalize the cooperation among the different institutions and associations operating in the cultural and artistic field in the Mediterranean area, that aims to promote young artists creativity, encourage international exchanges and support the development of pacific relations beyond the existing political and cultural borders through the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean.

The history of the event started in 1985 in Barcelona, and now we are planning the realisation of the XIV edition of the Biennial that will be organized in Skopje (R. of Macedonia-Fyrom), from the 3rd to the 12th September 2009,in collaboration with the AMMS - Association for International Youth Cooperation, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia and the City of Skopje.
The Biennial is a multidisciplinary manifestation that proposes creations of seven different artistic disciplines: visual arts (Plastic Arts, Photography, Installations, Art Performances, Video Art, Comics, Cyber Art), applied arts (Architecture, Visual/Industrial/Web Design, Fashion, Digital Creation), show (Theatre, Dance, Urban performances), music (Rock, Pop, Jazz, Folk/Etno, Contemporary, Digital), images on the move (cinema, video, animated cinema), literature (writing, poetry) and gastronomy. The event lasts for 10 days, during which exhibitions, concerts, dance shows, theatre pieces, gastronomy performances urban acts and literary readings follow one another; while the exhibitions of visual and applied artworks (almost 1000) will remain exposed until the 15th October 2009.