Third Epiduarus Festival

time: 28.8.2009. - 22.9.2009.
place: Cavtat, Croatia
organiser: Epidaurus Festival
Third Epiduarus Festival in Cavtat takes place from August 28 to September 22. The Festival has been founded and is directed by infatiguable Croatian pianist Ivana Marija Vidović.

On August 28th, beginning at 9pm, for the third time since this, Cavtat's first, international Festival's inception, the terrace of the Villa Banac will be enlivened by the soft, passionate sounds and enchanting choreography as the the top notch Argentine Tango perfomers dance the Festival open.

The dancers, or rather, dancing virtuosos of this South American dance, Victoria Arenillas and Leonardo Elěas, will visit us from the distant Buenos Aires and La Plata while Collegium Artis, the ensemble which specializes in the genre, will arrive from Rome.

Doubtless, the most captivating part of the evening will be the performance by our distinguished Argentine guests whose artistic roots reach back to the streets of La Boca, the place where the passionate Tango remains a legacy.

To remind some of you, Tango is a dance that begun in South America back in the 18th century by intertwining the fabric of Afro-dances of (most likely) Morocco and melodiousness of musical themes native to Spain. Since the first confirmed tango begun on the west bank of the La Plata River that runs through Buenos Aires this unique dance was crowned the Argentinean Tango. It is a dance characterized by the play of the opposites -- masculine vs. feminine, hard vs. soft, rough vs. sentimental, etc. -- most often accompanied by violin, guitar, flute and piano.

The performance titled ‘Tango bajo las estrellas’ (Tango Under the Stars) will feature exclusively the music signed by the foremost Tango composer Astor Piazzolla and, among other well known pieces, will include Milonga in re, La Muerte del Ángel, El Amor, Oblivión, 4 Estaciones Porteńas, and Balada para un loco.

Cavtat is a lovely town south of Dubrovnik, on Croatian coast. Among principal guests of the Festival this year will be a famous Croatian guitarist Ana Vidovic.

For a more detailed information about the Epidaurus Festival please visit: www.epidaurusfestival.com

(Source: CROWN)