Animafest 2009

time: 2.6.2009. - 7.6.2009.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: HULAHOP d.o.o.
The World Festival of Animated Film - Animafest 2009 this year presents feature films and a variety of additional programmes with an aim to spread the spirit of animated cinematography world wide. The festival takes place from 2nd to 7th June in Zagreb.

Programme will include following films: Mia and Migou, The Secret of Kells, Sita Sings the Blues, Mary and Max, Waltz with Bashir, Boogie al aceitoso, Imigrant – L.A. Dolce vita and Idiots and Angels.

The World Festival of Animated Film in Zagreb is traditionally the second oldest festival in Europe. In the course of its thirty-year-old history it has systematically been following world animation production through a number of films in competition and out of competition. Built on the tradition of the Zagreb School of Animation, Animafest, the festival oriented towards auteur film, has made a reputation of being one of the most significant events in the domain of animated film.

Approved by ASIFA (International Animated Film Association) and founded by the City of Zagreb and the production studio Zagreb Film the first World Festival of Animated Film was held in June 1972, headed by Želimir Matko, the festival's first director and its driving force who was working tirelessly for the festival until he died in 1977. Since that time, the festival has hosted many renowned makers of animated film, gaining an international reputation mainly thanks to its long-standing managing director Margit Buba Antauer. In 2005, Animafest introduced the programme of animated feature film.

Since then this biennale festival has turned into an annual event – each odd-numbered year is devoted to feature film and even-numbered one to short film. By decision of the Festival Council, made in 2007, Animafest is under a new art and organisation leadership that aims at continuing the festival tradition by developing programmes that would enable authors and professionals a more active participation at the festival. With new initiatives, such as the founding of Regional Pitching Forum for projects in Development and Animafest Fund, Animafest aspires to become an active participant in encouraging the production and distribution of animated film.
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