xStatic09 - Split's international festival of urban culture

time: 21.5.2009. - 25.5.2009.
place: Split, Croatia
organiser: Festive
The "xStatic09" international festival of urban culture will be held from 21 to 24 May in Split.

"Festive" association (for the promotion of urban culture) head Pero Rancic said the association as festival organiser was expecting more than 200 participants, including skaters, break-dancers, writers, cyclists, roller-skaters and street basketball players from more than ten countries, including the USA and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

All events will be held in front of primary school Plokite except for musical concerts at the fortress Gripe and night club Quasimodo.

TBF, Edo Maajka, Stillnes, Elemental and General Woo will be among the Croatian bands that will perform during the festival.

The Festive association’s aim is to encourage young people to play sport or music rather than to sit at home and watch TV.

(Source: CroatianTimes