54th Split Summer Festival

It takes place between 14th July and 14 August in the Mediterranean ambience of the City of Split.

The Festival will be in the historic core and outside it, hosting many performances of dance, theatre and music forms from Croatia and abroad.

Restituting ancient motives and popular expression as traditional program structure, dealing with universal questions, open to Croatian and foreign artists and their various creative sensibilities, the Festival proves to be a guarantee of our contribution to European culture and our cultural identity.

Expending its program outside the Split limits to the stages of equally important County cities it eliminates elitism and, at the same time, proves its openness to everybody, calling for collective exercise of thought and feast of spirit.

This program with more than sixty performances in Split and other County cities, in all its variety and aesthetic diversity, is proper to a typical Mediterranean community that carries the theatre as a natural heritage for centuries in its blood, nerves, memory and spirit. (Source: Split Summer Festival)

See more detailed programme: www.splitsko-ljeto.hr