Nomad Dance Academy in Zagreb

NOMAD Dance Academy is a systematic process designed to establish strong, recognizable, unique Balkan contemporary dance scene which is professional, socially relevant and influential, open and connected.

- To establish a new model of regional cooperation in the dance sector in South East Europe in order to contribute to professionalisation of the sector and to introduce this model to other cultural fields
- To improve education opportunities for young dancers and choreographers and to improve research opportunities for experienced dancers and choreographers
- To improve production conditions for young dancers and choreographers and experienced dancers and choreographers
- To promote dance as a socially relevant and inclusive art field and to develop the audience

NOMAD Dance Academy should be one possible and feasible bottom-up response and reaction to those problems that emerge in all SEE countries:
- Lack of higher education programs,
- Lack of cultual policy in the field,
- Lack of development funds for contemporary dance,
- Low visibility of contemporary dance within local cultures,
- Need for professionalisation of contemporary dance field.

This initiative - NOMAD Dance Academy - should open possibilities for development of the existing artistic practices and potentials in contemporary dance based on:
- intense regional cooperation and exchange,
- important international networking and credibility of the artists from the Balkans,
- need for empowering common market which should enable sustainability of new productions and better social status of contemporary dancers and choreographers,
- need for interdisciplinary approach to contemporary dance which is a synergetic art form relying on various art fields (visual arts, new media, music, theater, video, art theory....) and enriching these art fields,
- need for development of pedagogues who will take over extension of education policies with contemporary dance.

NOMAD Dance Academy is education and research program of Balkan Dance Network that gathers all available potentials and resources in contemporary dance on local and regional level with the aim to contribute to improvement and professionalization of contemporary dance in the Balkans.

The NOMAD Dance Academy program consists of three program lines with a different focus on education, research programs and regional creative cooperation and regional productions and co-productions.

NOMAD/ Educational program is dedicated to 12 emerging artists in contemporary dance from South East Europe who will live, learn, work and move together for 4 months from Skopje, to Sofia, Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Ljubljana, creating a network for future artistic collaboration.

NOMAD / Educational program is made to improve and encourage exchange, education and creation in contemporary dance in the Balkans through a set of workshops, lectures, study visits and encounters with artists and theoreticians from all related countries and abroad.

NOMAD / Educational program is an opportunity to upgrade artistic expression of young dancers and choreographers, to enhance their career at its early stage and to make a ground for future international collaboration.

NOMAD / Educational program 2008 will provide daily professional open classes, workshops and lectures from contemporary dance practice and theory, space for individual research and contacts with local and international artists and institutions. NOMAD gives 12 scholarships that cover the program fee, travel expenses and accommodation during 4 months (March-June).

NOMAD partners:
Fico Balet – Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tala Dance Center - Zagreb, Croatia
STATION Service for Contemporary Dance - Belgrade Serbia
Brain Store Project - Sofia, Bulgaria
Lokomotiva, Center for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture - Skopje, Macedonia,
Tanzelarija Sarajevo (partner associated in 2007)

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