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Performance Pabla Helguere u P.S.1, New York

vrijeme: 18.07.2002. - 20.07.2002.
mjesto: P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York
organizator: Instituto de la Telenovela (Pablo Helguera)

U subotu, 20.srpnja 2002. u P.S.1 održat će se performance Pabla Helguere. Performance se bavi međunarodnim fenomenom meksičkih sapunica.
To accompany P.S.1s current exhibition Mexico City: an Exhibition about the Exchange Rates of Bodies and Values, this performance focuses on the international phenomenon of the Mexico Soap Opera. Saturday July 20, 2002, 5pmAt P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center Theatrum Anatomicum (or, how to dissect a melodrama) A Performance by the Instituto de la Telenovela (Pablo Helguera) FREE By mimicking a 16th Century method of theatrical didacticism - the Theatrum Anatomicum - the Instituto de la Telenovela showcases the intricate fabrication of a Latin American television drama. The Instituto de la Telenovela is an organization established by a group of artists, anthropologists, and sociologists from Latin America and Eastern Europe that gathers information and informs the public about the international impact of Latin American Telenovelas. To learn more about Instituto de la Telenovela visit for more information about the exhibition at P.S.1, please visit ALSO: This year, P.S.1s website features an online audio broadcast of the weekly WARMUP Music Series. Please tune in to for a live and/or archived audio stream of the events.