vrijeme: 21.08.2002. - 15.09.2002.
mjesto: Dubrovnik

21. kolovoza 2002. u Dubrovniku se otvara izložba HOT DESTINATION / MARGINAL DESTINY I, na kojoj sudjeluju:Pavlína Fichta Čierna (SLK), János Fodor (HU), Daniel Hanzlík (CZ), Lukáš Jasanský & Martin Polák (CZ), Šejla Kamerić (BiH), Igor Kuduz (HR), Krzysztof Morcinek (PL), Vesna Pavelić (YU), Michal Pěchouček (CZ), Isa Rosenberger (A), Slaven Tolj (HR). Kustos izložbe je Michal Koleček (CZ) Izložba ostaje otvorena do 15. rujna 2002.
The Project: "So what distinguishes the present turn, apart from its relative self-consciousness about ethnographic method? First, as we have seen, anthropology is prized as the science of alterity, in this regard it is, along with psychoanalysis, the lingua franca of artistic practice and critical discourse alike. Second, it is the discipline that takes culture as its object, and this expanded field of reference is the domain of postmodernist practice and theory (thus also the attraction to cultural studies and, to a lesser extent, new historicism). Third, ethnography is considered contextual, the often automatic demand for which contemporary artists and critics share with other practitioners today, many of whom aspire to fieldwork in the everyday. Forth, anthropology is thought to arbitrate the interdisciplinary, another often rote value in contemporary art and criticism. Fifth, the recent self-critique of anthropology renders it attractive, for it promises a reflexivity of the ethnographer at the center even as it preserves a romanticism of the other at the margins." Hal Foster - The Return of the Real The international exhibition HOT DESTINATION / MARGINAL DESTINY is drawn up for Dubrovnik town that is characteristic by its contrast of the town structure withdrawal and openness of touristed destination. The main idea of the exhibition is phenomenon of urban community, walled architectonic complex interconnected with many urban, social and cultural rules. The artists who will participate in the HOT DESTINATION / MARGINAL DESTINY exhibition in Dubrovnik process the mentioned urban principle in their work for long period of time. These authors understand a artwork as an aesthetics system (or system situation) in the architectonical (the visual artwork as an architectonical model) or social sense (the visual artwork as a model of social behaviour). Except of topical congeniality, an appurtenance to a specific age class and Central Europe region links the artists invited to the HOT DESTINATION / MARGINAL DESTINY exhibition. Some of the artists may perhaps be called representatives of the generation of the nineties, that naturally responded to changes in social and political arrangement of this region after disintegration of totalitarian systems. On the selection of the artists, wider span of activities was one of the most important principles, and in addition to the authors from the traditional cultural centres, emphatic authors from periphery were invited for participation. In face of its character (focus on the urban and social structures), the HOT DESTINATION / MARGINAL DESTINY exhibition will take place both in the traditional exhibition institutions and in open reality of public areas. The exhibition is not focused on issues of specific media of the contemporary visual art, because the decisive criterion is effort of the authors in process of open communication between the artwork and an audience. The HOT DESTINATION / MARGINAL DESTINY exhibition plans to publish the catalogue, which surely will become a sufficient guide for communication with the artists, their work and the exhibition itself. Art Workshop Lazareti Dubrovnik (Vesna Mitrović) art-lazareti@du.tel.hr Phone/Fax: 00 385 20 323 766 Address: Pobijana 8, Dubrovnik 20 000, Croatia Michal Koleček fillovka@volny.cz Phone: 00 420 603 238 363 Fax: 00 420 47 521 18 30 Address: Alešova 40, 400 01 Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic