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Novi website

vrijeme: 02.07.2002. - 02.07.2002.
organizator: Britanski konzulat i Venecijanski bienale

Posjetite novi website koji prati britanski nastup na Venecijanskom bienalu.
The new Britain at the Venice Biennale website is live at You will need Flash 4 to access the pages. Aimed at UK press, potential sponsors, BC colleagues, students, researchers and people interested in the event, the pages showcase online the British Councils contribution to both the Visual Arts and Architecture Biennales, starting with our current commission for this years Venice Biennale of Architecture, foreign office architects. The pages also include practical information on press accreditation, Venice Biennale prices, opening times, location and maps. The Education section includes a selected reading list, architectural schools in Britain, and a link to Education UK. In an exciting development for the British Council, the 2003 Venice Biennale of Art will also include independent entries from Scotland and Wales. Access to all commissions through this website will go some way to demonstrating the depth and diversity of British events in Venice. We hope this project will go some way to ensuring that this very special event, The Venice Biennale, is accessible to more people than ever before.