BADco. in Bilbao

time: 11.12.2014. - 13.12.2014.
place: Bilbao
organiser: Bulegoa Z/B & AlhóndigaBilbao
BADco. presents their performances of “1 poor and one 0″ and “Semi-interpretations” within the “El Contrato” program developed by Bulegoa Z/B in collaboration with AlhóndigaBilbao.

1 poor and one 0 takes place on December 11th, 20:00 @ Atrium of Cultures of AlhóndigaBilbao

“In 1 poor and one 0 BADco. returns to the scene of the first film ever shot – Workers Leaving The Lumiere Factory: the factory gates. The first moving images ever made show workers leaving their workplace. The movement of the workforce from the place of industrial work into the world of film: the starting point for the problematic relationship between cinema and the portrayal of work.”

Semi-interpretations takes place on December 13th,  20:00 @ Atrium of Cultures of AlhóndigaBilbao
“The “image” of the historic performance by Joseph Beuys, paraphrased in the subtitle, seemed like a great conceptual substructure which could host a choreographic speculation on some of the key ideas beneath contemporary dance but at the same time enable us to ask the question how dance might look like not form the perspective of the spectator or the performer but from the perspective of all withdrawn objects whose “natural” deadness pulls the body away from the world of the living into the black box of the undead.”

October 2014 – January 2015
EL CONTRATO is a two-year project developed by Bulegoa Z/B in collaboration with AlhóndigaBilbao. The project has two phases: a reading group and an exhibition. The exhibition, beginning in early October, is vertebrated around the themes examined in the reading group, and comprises works by around twenty artists, as well as a film programme, talks, performances, and a new reading group. EL CONTRATO aims to enquire into the ways tacit, generalised agreements condition practices and ways of making, being and acting.

(Source: BADco)

(D.H., 10.12.2014)