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Alexander Stewart @ Bonobostudio

place: Zagreb
organiser: Bonobostudio
Artist, filmmaker and professor Alexander Stewart is working on his new film in Zagreb.

Alexander Stewart is a well-known filmmaker in the world of experimental film and animation; in the past 10 years he has created a very interesting opus (Errata, Crusts, Fort Morgan…), with Lilli Carré he co-organizes a fantastic festival Eyeworks and he teaches animation at DePaul University. He has been staying in Zagreb for the past two months, researching Croatian and Yugoslav experimental animation artists like Aleksandar Srnec or Vlado Kristl, but he is also making his new film in Bonobostudio production.

Here, There is an experimental animated film with ambient sound. It is an abstract travelogue about real spaces and places full of sounds, textures and atmosphere. It is a part of his "continuous preoccupation with experimenting with different media and collage in animation."

The film will be made in the replacement animation technique, where every frame is different, recalling the avant-garde animations by Robert Breer, one of the major influences of Stewart’s poetics, but also films by Stuart Hilton or even Oskar Fischinger.

Besides Stewart, Darko Masnec is working on animation and Dina Karadžić on scanning. Here, There will be completely animated on paper and sound will be a collage of different field recordings.

(Source: Bonobostudio)

(D.H., 31.07.2014)