'Fitting Abstraction' for Venice Biennale of Architecture

time: 07.06.2014. - 23.11.2014.
place: Venice, Italy
organiser: Venice Biennale
Croatia will be presented at the Venice Biennale of Architecture which is set to take  place from 7 June to 23 November with the exhibition 'Fitting Abstraction'  covering Croatian architecture from 1914 to nowadays.

The exhibition covers anthology of Croatia architecture in last 100 years through research processes, discovering turning points and presenting circumstances and the evolution of modernism in Croatia in the context of wider cultural, geographical and social processes.

The main theme for the Venice Biennale is compromised in predetermined topic  ‘Absorption of modernity 1914 – 2014’ with a call for all exhibitors to challenge of exploring development of national architecture in the last 100 years.
Authors of Croatian exhibition are Karin Šerman, Zrinka Barišić Marenić, Melita Čavlović, Igor Ekštajn, Nataša Jakšić, Mojca Smode Cvitanović and Marina Smokvina.

Within this year's event as a part of the additional activities in the program titled ‘Meetings on Architecture’ Croatian program ‘New Tendencies and Architecture: Abstraction, Ambient, Algorithm’ will be presented.

Croatian exhibition will be organized by UHA – Association of Croatian Architects and supported by the Ministry of Culture.


(D.H., 30.05.2014)