Ballet of the CNT is giving guest performances at Teatro Verdi in Trieste

time: 22.04.2014. - 27.04.2014.
place: Trieste, Italy
From April 22 to April 27 six performances of Six Antique Epigraphs; In Black and White / The Rite of Spring  will be performed at the Teatro Verdi in Trieste, where The Rite of Spring will be accompanied by the Orchestra del Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi di Trieste conducted by Mladen Tarbuk.
As part of the traditional cooperation with the Zagreb Music Biennale, the Ballet of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb last year for the first time did a premiere triple bill for the 27th Zagreb Music Biennale, choreographed by a welcome guest from Maribor Edward Clug to the music of Claude Debussy and Igor Stravinsky.
Debussy piano works for four hands Antique Epigraphs (Six épigraphes antiques) and In White and Black (En blanc et noir) have been composed in the same time period (1914 and 1915) as the renowned Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring (Le sacre du printemps) which, at its world opening night in 1913, resulted in the greatest revolt of the audience in the history of music. Still, even today, after exactly 100 years, all these works are frequently put on the repertoire of world concert and theatre stages, being the classics of contemporary music of the 20th century.

Edward Clug found inspiration for his choreographic interpretation in the music itself and the original contents of these works. He resorted to a period of time in which dance had commenced its greatest evolution in its history. The ballets were performed to the solo accompaniment of pianists Andrej Gugnin and Vadim Holodenko, with sets designed by Marko Japelja and costumes designed by Leo Kulaš.

(Source: HNK)

(D.H., 17.04.2014)