Four opening nights for Miro Gavran in Los Angeles

time: 02.04.2014. - 05.04.2014.
place: Los Angeles, USA
Croatian writer Miro Gavran will have four Opening Nights in “The Daily Theatre” of University La Verne in Los Angeles, California from 2 to 5 April.

They are all directed by graduates majoring in direction who decided, with their professors, to organize this mini festival based on plays written by Miro Gavran.

Audience will have opportunity to see plays “Chekhov Says Good Bye To Tolstoy” (translated by Ellen Elias, directed by Jake Tittl), “Shakespeare and Elisabeth” (translated by Graham McMaster, directed by Maryanne Householder and Cody Goss), “All About Women” (translated by Nina H. Kay-Antoljak, directed by Amy Bolton and Jordan Randall) and “The Doll” (translated by Nina H. Kay-Antoljak, directed by Jordan Klomp, Bo Powell and Daniel Ramirez).

Miro Gavran’s work has been translated into 35 languages, his plays and comedies had over 250 opening nights and were seen by more than 3 million people. So far he had nine premieres in USA, in Washington, New York, Los Angeles, Waterford, Orlando and Rockville.

(Source: M. Gavran /Presscut Agency)


(D.H., 02.04.2014)