Sanja Marjanović nominee for British Academy Scotland New Talent

organiser: BAFTA
Sanja Marjanović has been nominated with her socumentary film BFF in the category best editing by BAFTA’s Scottish branch. Awarding process will take place on 25 March in Glasgow.

Sanja Marjanović was born in Osijek, Croatia in 1981. She lived her childhood in the city, all through the war years in that area. In 1996 she moved with her family in Rijeka, Croatia, where she attended the high school and finished her BA degree in Childhood education. She was very active in University of RIjeka student union and later on became an active member of a very vibrant art scene. She fell in love with documentaries after attending a couple of workshops in documentary filmmaking.

Soon thereafter she joined Filmaktiv production and became a teacher in documentary filmmaking workshops alongside working on her own short projects. She was a member of production team of Liburnia Film Festival in Icici, Croatia, from 2006 until 2010. In 2012 she started her studies at The Edinburgh University, Edinburgh College of Art, MA course in Film directing, focused on documentary. During her studies she actively volunteered for Scottish Documentary Institute industry events.

She was a collaborator on several student projects and a producer of a film “Dancing to nothing” by Ad Howells. She was also a co-director at the film ‘Christmas in a day’ by Kevin MacDonald and produced by Scott Free Productions. She finished her studies by making a short graduation documentary film called BFF, which is touring the festivals at the moment.

·    BFF (23’20”) documentary, director, camera, editing, production Edinburgh College of Art i co-production with Filmaktiv, Scotland, UK and Croatia 2013
·    CHRISTMAS IN A DAY (48’03”) documentary, co-director, Scott Free productions, London, UK
·    DANCING TO NOTHING (12’) drama, director: Ad Howells, production Edinburgh College of Art, producer, Scotland, UK 2013
·    AIR (2‘35”) experimental, production Edinburgh College of Art, co director, camera, Scotland, UK 2012 (Experimental collaboration film project recreating instinct for survivor of a person drowning.)
·    MEETING (2’) short drama, directing, camera, editing, Cambridge, UK 2009(A short video about two people meeting and their feelings about the meeting)
·    ROCK’N’WOOL (25’), short documentary, production Filmaktiv, research, tutor in editing, Croatia, 2007
(Documentary talks about how the factory of rock wool was build in a small village valley in Croatia)
·    E, DA JE JEDNA NADA / OH, IF THERE WAS ONE HOPE (6’02’’), documentary, production Fade In, directing, Croatia, 2006
(A short documentary about two homeless men and their friendship.)
·    DZZZ (2’03’’), short documentary, production Filmaktiv, directing, camera, editing, Croatia 2006
(A short film about the work of the Society for animal protection in Rijeka.)

(D.H., 20.03.2014)