Under the lights of Amsterdam

place: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
organiser: The Amsterdam Museum
Museum of Broken Relationships is currently on view in Amsterdam's  Oude Kerk cathedral. The exhibition was organized in cooperation with Annemarie de Wildt, curator of the Amsterdam Museum. The display is open to visitors until March 2, 2014.

Museum of Broken Relationships
The Museum Of Broken Relationships project began in Zagreb and was initiated by artists Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubiši. Now after a worldwide series of exhibitions, the museum comes to Amsterdam.

A call for donations invited local residents, church members, stakeholders, and Amsterdammers to bring an object that evokes a memory or story about a broken relationship to the Oude Kerk. The objects and their stories form a part of the exhibition.

The project involves ordinary people in the process of curating a unique collection of objects which continue to tell a personal story about a lost love. The exhibition is made in collaboration with the Amsterdam Museum and it is specially designed for the Oude Kerk.

Museum Of Broken Relationships simultaneously gives insight into a neighbourhood and shows that cultural heritage is more personal and closer by than you think.

(Source: brokeships.hr)

(D.H., 13.12.2013)