Gangster of Love awarded in Belarus

place: Belarus
organiser: Minsk International Film Festival
At the Minsk International Film Festival, held 1 - 8 November in Belarus, the film 'Gangster of Love' from the director Nebojša Slijepčević has been awarded the Special prize from Radio Unistar "for an ironic view of reality".

Minsk International Film Festival is the most important film event in Belarus, showing both fiction and documentary films with a rich accompanying program.

Gangster of Love is an authentic documentary comedy. Nedjeljko Babić is a matchmaker and 25 years ago he left his job as a carpenter to start his God-given career – playing Cupid to lonely men and women. He soon became famous, partly because of his skill and partly because of his nickname – Gangster. He earned this nickname purely because of his appearance: he always wears dark sunglasses. This film follows Gangster as he tries to find a wife for an unmarried 40-year-old who is convinced he will never find a wife because he is just a poor and uneducated brick layer. For Gangster, this is the quest of his career: ‘If I don’t find him a wife soon, I will retire from business!’

(Source: Restart)

(D.H., 22.11.2013)