Culturescapes opens in Switzerlans

time: 19.10.2013. - 13.12.2013.
place: Switzerland
organiser: Culturescapes
Festival Culturescapes opens on 19 October in Switzerland and is taking place till 13 December. The opening act will include concert with Kosovo Chair "Prenk Jakova" jointly with Basel choir Knabenkantorei, as well as performances by Traktororkestar and DJ Goran Potkonjak at the main stage of Theater Basel.

More detailed about the opening concert here

The CULTURESCAPES festival enables a differentiated insight into the current cultural and creative activities and the tangible profound dynamics of the "cultural landscapes" of individual countries which are less well-known in Switzerland. This intense exploration is a very important quality of the festival: it encourages audiences to challenge their own notions and perceptions, while broadening and enhancing their cultural appreciation.        
During his initial projects, Jurriaan Cooiman, the initiator and founder of CULTURESCAPES, already tried to find possible answers to the question of how a work gains its expressive significance. The objective was to present works and their artists within the context of their personal relationships and interests. Commissioned pieces of music by young artists helped to illustrate this context.

The focus increasingly shifted to interdependencies between historical, social and political issues as well as new dawns in the specific region. The conflict and energy fields of such "cultural landscapes" allow artistic activity as well as its language and form of expression to develop. The extension of this perspective to the contemporary artistic creativity of a country in relation to the profound dynamics of its "cultural landscape" was the reason for the foundation of CULTURESCAPES. Making these "cultural landscapes" visible and accessible to a wider audience became the guiding principle for the growth and philosophy of CULTURESCAPES. CULTURESCAPES is not just a name, but also a programme: once a year it opens up dialogue-oriented access to the artistic landscape of a country and to the historical, social and political fields of power reflected in the produced art.         

(D.H., 18.10.2013)