Exhibition by Davor Schunk ‘Distinctive Life’ in Vienna

place: Vienna, Austria
organiser: Croatian Center - Vienna
Croatian Center in Vienna currently hosts the exhibition ‘Distinctive Life’ by Davor Schunk with seventeen large format graphics made as a collaborative project with Vienna based musician Adrian Gašpar.

The exhibition is on view till 5 May and after Vienna the exhibition will be presented in Zagreb’s Vip Club.

Davor Schunk was born in 1970 in Virovitica. He studied Design in Zagreb and in 2003 he founded his own studio for visual communications ‘Definicija’. Schunk has frequently travelled through Europe and Africa where he made numerous video and photo material for television and magazines. He also works as a lecturer for graduates and students. He did a series of successful workshops for preschool and school-age children (comic workshops, design primers). A professional member of the HDD (Croatian Designers Association). Book: Traces, 2006.

(D.H., 17.04.2013)