Ivana Franke @ Max Planck Science Gallery

time: 12.03.2013. - 11.06.2013.
place: Berlin, Germany
organiser: May Planck Science Gallery
Ivana Franke art work could be seen at the exhibition  The Future of the Brain in the Max Planck Science Gallery. Her installation 'Seeing With Eyes Closed' is also currently on view in the same gallery.

Visitors are invited to sit on the floor in front of LED lights and close their eyes. They are exposed to flashing lights, which produces a quasi-hallucinatory visual experience of flowing images behind closed eyes. Each person’s experience of it is different. Some see black and white or coloured geometric patterns that swirl, jump or flow; others see aerial images of the earth, cities, eyes, human figures, or horses. In Seeing with Eyes Closed (2011), the images created by the flickering lights emphasise the unstable essence of the image. Franke underscores that our experiences are singular, unverifiable, and not representable.

Ivana Franke (HR) is a visual artist from Croatia who often works with transparent materials and light. Her installations probe the relationship between appearance and materiality, and question our sense of spatial dimensions.

(D.H., 15.03.2013)