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place: EU has become a media partner of the European Talent Exchange Program (ETEP), which is funded by the European Union, and its aim is the promotion and circulation of European musicians and European festivals.

The European Talent Exchange Program is an initiative of the Noorderslag Foundation to stimulate the circulation of European repertoire on festivals, radio and media in Europe.
As the exchange and support of new European music in Europe is one of the main goals of Eurosonic Noorderslag, the special European Talent Exchange Program (ETEP) was introduced in 2003. Each year ETEP brings together the leading European festivals, radio and other media and stimulates them to ‘exchange’ a selection of artists. Since the start of the ETEP program in 2003 a total of 1359 shows by 495 European artists were presented at the 60 ETEP festivals (2003 – 2011).

Following Eurosonic Noorderslag, which is broadcasted by several EBU radio stations, the ETEP festivals select artists from a foreign country guaranteeing confirmed slots at their festival. Radio stations lend support for the selected acts. Written media support the acts in national press. Both radio and print media offer national exposure to these selected groups. In this way the selected talented European artists are guaranteed a spot at one or more major summer festivals attracting thousands of music lovers and with the support of radio and (print) media, managers, promoters and agents resulting in an audience numbering in the millions.

This guarantees maximum exposure and offers a perfect opportunity for management and the recording industry to establish and promote their artists throughout Europe. This project creates a unique cooperative working relationship between professionals in the European music business with European talent rather than US talent. It boosts the circulation of European talent both nationally and internationally, which is usually very difficult.

In this way ETEP creates opportunities and builds careers for European artists in Europe. By doing this in a consistent manner, ETEP is able to create real networks and stimulate a solid flow of European talent across the continent. ETEP is simple, cost effective, has a proven track record and is of major importance in creating an expanding European music industry.

(Source: ETEP)

(D.H., 23.11.2012)