Interliber fair opens in Zagreb

time: 13.11.2012. - 18.11.2012.
The international Interliber book fair opened at Zagreb Fair on Tuesday and will run until Sunday offering up to 70% discounts on books presented by more than 240 publishers.

Despite all the problems faced in the book industry, this year's Interliber has proven that books still exist amongst us, Culture Minister Andrea Zlatar Violic said opening the fair.

She responded to fears expressed by publishers that the introduction of Value Added Tax (VAT) on books would further deteriorate the industry. Zlatar explained that mechanisms would be set to protect publishers and other factors in the industry and that the lowest possible VAT would be imposed as is common European practice.

She added there were many steps that could be taken to improve the status of books including new technology and possible allowances to authors for book borrowing and so on.
This year's guest country is France. Entry to this and several other fairs including INFO, Music Fair, Winter Show fair and Educa.hr is free of charge.

A total of 460 exhibitors from a score of countries are taking part in the fairs.

(Source: t-portal)

(D.H., 14.11.2012)