The Curator’s Piece announced in New York Times

time: 13.01.2013. - 19.01.2013.
place: New York, USA
organiser: New Yok Times
“The Curator’s Piece” Tea Tupajić and Petra Zanki has been announced in New York Times regarding their guest appearance in the Big Apple next year.

Tea Tupajic and Petra Zanki will partake next year in the programme of eighth annual Coil Festival in New York City between Jan. 3 to 19.

“Curators’ Piece” is a performance that is developed with chosen performing arts curators and presented at their festivals and venues in a form of a staged performance. We invited international curators that are relevant for the shaping the global picture of today’s landscape of contemporary performing arts. The curator takes part in the performance as a performer, collaborator and co-producer. Relying on the relations between the artists, the curators and the audience, the performance itself deals with the possibility of art’s influence on today’s society. What is art today? Can it save the world? What is the role of the artist, the curator and the audience in it?  “Curators’ Piece“ is fiction and reality at the same time: A trial against art and its protagonists. Where the gathered community judges by itself each time a new.

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(Source: Petra Zanki)

(D.H., 26.10.2012)