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IETM Autumn Plenary Meeting in Zagreb

time: 25.10.2012. - 28.10.2012.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: IETM
 IETM co-organisers in Zagreb and the IETM Secretariat in Brussels are announcing IETM’s Autumn Plenary Meeting in Zagreb, 25 - 28 October 2012.
'As IETM ends the second year of its Three Year Plan, we can look back to reflections on contemporary performing arts and: Ownership and collaboration (Stockholm); Participation and politics (Krakow); Rights and being right (Copenhagen). It’s time for the Zagreb meeting to concentrate on art and focus on Idea(l)s.
The focus is on you - we aim to generate a process of critical (self) reflection about which artistic paradigms have been developed over the past three decades, how (artistic) ideas have been generated, supported and nurtured and what are the ideals that artistic practices strive towards or are fuelled with.
We’ll stimulate you to discuss relevant changes in thinking paradigm(s) and, ambitiously, we hope that together we could define major transformations of ideas.
Globalization processes and their influence on the aesthetics of performing arts will be considered. Indeed, the last IETM Meeting in Zagreb was 20 years ago - in 1990 - and signaled a major rethink in artistic collaboration and co-production models in Europe between the so-called East and West.
Many kinds of "developments" are frequently discussed in the performing arts (from audience development to career development, to marketing and so forth) but sometimes it seems that it is more difficult for the huge diversity of IETM members to have an open discussion on what is in fact essential to our work: the development of artistic idea(l)s.
The development of ideas in the arts requires a dynamic public sphere that will support the exchange and circulation of ideas. It is this public sphere which has been under a very serious threat for quite a while now. We also believe it is necessary, along with issues related to changes in communication technologies, to address the importance of the free flow of information, exchange of ideas, artistic creation and cultural communication - mere diffusion tools or means of artistic development?  It will be a moment as well to have a look at the series of studies that IETM is commissioning to highlight ‘stories’ of how the contemporary performing arts integrates artistic practice with key socio-political issues.'
Within this framework our aim is to offer a structure and context to rethink IETM’s role in regard to the development of these Idea(l)s.  
In Zagreb, IETM members will have the opportunity to experience the vibrant local and regional art scene, as well as the strategies and actions behind its dynamic development. The meeting’s artistic programme presents the latest achievements and tendencies of the Croatian performing arts scene and will be organized alongside the Perforations Festival.
Members will also discover the city of Rijeka and warm up for the meeting, at a pre-meeting trip taking place 24 October.
The meeting is done in collaboration with Domino - Perforations, Student center - Culture of change, Eurokaz, Croatian institute for movement and dance, Pogon - Zagreb center for independent culture and youth, Drugo more - The other sea
(Source: IETM)

(D.H., 02.10.2012)