Vlasta Delimar in London

time: 03.09.2012. - 03.09.2012.
place: London, UK
Performance artist Vlasta Delimar will present her work on 3 September within the programme 'Summer residency / private view & performance at ]performance s p a c e [ in London.

Delimar will particularly present her latest project Absolute Artist Antonio G. Lauer with an accompanying book and DVD which were published last year during Perforations Festival.

About Vlasta Delimar:
Born 1956 in Zagreb. Lives in Zagreb, Croatia.
Vlasta Delimar graduated from School of Applied Art in Zagreb.Started to work as a visual and
performance artist in 1980. Exhibited at more than 30 solo exhibitions and a lot of group exhibitions.
Performed more than 24 different performances. She was preoccupied with the study of the self, a search for another identity, and interested in the female body, i.e. her own body.

Her female identity will always be the starting point. As a woman, she is trying to express all her human qualities and feel rich in that. She has gained to an inner freedom enabling a full expression,  free of any fears or barriers. She is not interested in feminism as an ideology or an institution,  least of all as a ghetto. Her presentation of personal values in the context of the surrounding  differences was often provocative, very realistic, alive.

Her medium is photography also. Photographing yourself is a ritual of observing yourself in the photograph,  similar to looking at yourself in the mirror.The reflection of your I in the «mirror» in (of) the photograph  as the reflection of idealization may originate in narcissism.

(D.H., 31.08.2012)