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Montenegrin Days of Oris

place: Kotor, Montenegro
organiser: Oris & ResearchACT
 The city of Kotor in Montenegro will host the architectural symposium, Days of Oris, on 13 August at Dom kulture Nikola Đurković ,  organized by the well known magazine for architecture and culture Oris, based in Zagreb.
The numerous lectures of architects presenting their work and revealing their creative credo enable the visitors to see some of the most important trends in contemporary architecture and to hear some of the most significant architects of our time.

The Days of Oris will not only present the best of world architecture, but also present and promote local and regional contemporary architecture.

Guests: Studio Grad, Idis Turato, Tadej Glažar, Stephan Mader, sadar+Vuga, Francois Roche

Intro – moderators: Andrija Rusan and Dijana Vučinić

From 7 to 14 August the audince will have an opportunity to see the exhibition 'Coninuity to MOdernity – Frag,ents of Croatian Architecture from Modernism to 2010' in Stari zatvor (Old Prison) in Kotor as well as Student work exhibition in the same venue.

More info here: www.oris.hr

(D.H., 08.08.2012)