Posjetite Cyborg web shop

vrijeme: 13.07.2004. - 13.07.2004.

Vizualna umjetnica Andreja Kulunčić na internetskoj stranici predstavlja svoj novi projekt "Cyborg shop", kao nastavak svog prethodnog multidisciplinarnog umjetničkog uratka "Closed Reality-Embrio", započetog 1999. godine.

Web art project
Uploaded: June 2004

The cyborg is, deep at the heart of the subject, a universal question that has interested humankind throughout all of history. It is one of the visions for immortal and improved life. Some people say that even if they were to give up all their body parts and just keep their mind inside a machine they would accept it for eternity. This project won’t go so far, but perhaps the visitors might.

As with all questions that can arise from one art piece, the answers can vary, be intrigue or brave, shy, futuristic etc., but they are always connected to our perceptions of life, future and ourselves at this moment in time. The cyborg, as a theme, is connected to our body, and through it to our society, lives and perceptions of ourselves and others. As a game of a thousand physical possibilities, it starts and ends with our own mental levels.

This project is a continuation of the previous project “Closed Reality–Embryo”, uploaded 1999 ( where participants (in pairs) were able to build their own “future child”; in this project they can re-create themselves.

Production team:
Author: Andreja Kuluncic (visual artist)
Project Assistant: Ivo Martinovic
Design: Dejan Jankovic – GUMI
Programming: Tramot d.o.o.
Conceptualization of items: Josip Kasac (physicist), Nenad Bartonicek (biologist), Morana Vitezic (biologist)
Translation & Editing: Susan Jakopec

Made possible by:
Curated by Yvonne Volkart for the thematical focus «Cyborg Bodies» in the context of «Media Art Net», edited by Rudolf Frieling (ZKM Karlsruhe) and Dieter Daniels (HGB Leipzig).

Commissioned by:
«Cyborg Bodies» received funding from ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe
HGKZ (Institut Cultural Studies in Art, Media and Design ICS)
Pro Helvetia and
Präsidialdepartement of the city of Zurich.

The Internet platform «Media Art Net» is produced by the ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, co-produced with the Goethe-Institut, Munich, and with financial support by the German Ministry for Research and Education (BMB+F).

Special thanks to: Yvonne Volkart (curator), Prof. Vladimir Delic (biologist), Assistant Domagoj Đikic (biologist) and Assistant Petra Rodik (sociologist).

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