Photographs by Stanko Abadžić in Black & White Magazine

place: USA
organiser: Black & White Magazine
Photographs by Stanko Abadžić could be seen in the latest edition of US based Black & White Magazine. Abadžić's portfolio has been presented on 10 pages, selected by the editor Dean Briedly. The article written by Stuart Frolick covers his internationally known cycles covering Zagreb, Prague, Paris and Berlin, as well as Adriatia routes series.

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Stanko Abadzic (1952) is a photojournalist who has an unbelievably wide range of genre and theme within his work. Undoubtedly, this is because after his amateur beginnings, he achieved professional maturity working with the press. There photography was already concerned with not just what the authorities liked, but with serious, purposeful and, at the end of the day, dependable work. A photojournalist working for the press usually does not usually have much extra time on his hands. A native of Vukovar, Croatia, he had already dedicated himself to photography by the age of fifteen. His early efforts were connected with the Borovo photography club. There he took part in members’ exhibitions, and the club also arranged his first solo exhibitions. He completed his studies in German, and worked as a correspondent for the Croatian newspaper Vjesnik.

Since 1995 he has been living and working as a photographer in Prague, which has remained his second love. He dedicates himself to his new home as generously as to the Adriatic coast, where has not ceased to return for visits. An exhibition, which he opened in the year 2000 in the chamber galleries of the photographic home of Josef Sudek, was the best proof of this. However, this was not the first time Abadzic had exhibited in Prague. He participated in the exhibition Art against Racism, which was arranged in 1998 by the Humanist movement in the exhibition hall Mánes. About one year later he took part in a similar exhibit in the gallery in the Rock Cafe club.

He has put on smaller exhibitions at the Jazz Club Zelezná and in the Literary Cafe on Týnská street he even launched a solo exhibition. With an exhibition in the (Mirror of Life showing) in (the chamber galleries of the photographic home of Josef Sudek) supported by The Republic of Croatia’s embassy in Prague, he introduced his most complex work yet. In 1999 Stanko Abadzic participated in the 1st Photographic Biennial on the island of Krk in Croatia. At the beginning of 2001, he received a prize at the well-attended annual Prague photographic exhibit and competition. At the moment he lives and works in Zagreb.

Stanko Abadzic works for various magazines such as Elle, Spot, Photo Life, Respekt, Photo, Fotomag. Portfolio of Mr. Abadzic was published in the photo magazine Photoeye and Schwarzweiss and many others.

(Source: Stanko Abadžić)

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