Best Short Film Award for Farewell 2

place: Mexico
organiser: World Extreme Film Festival Saint Sebastian of Veracruz
Short film Farewell by Irena Skoric is the winner of the Best Short Film Award at the International Film Festival "World Extreme Film Festival Saint Sebastian of Veracruz". The festival took place from 19 to 22 January in Mexico.

Farewell, a short fiction fim has visited all the continents, a lot of film festivals and won a lot of awards. Farewell 2 is auto-ironic comment on blockbusters' sequels. It takes place one morning, when protagonists of Farewell, father /Ivan Brkic/ and his son /Asim Ugljen/, are going on a film set where the filming of the sequel is about to start.

They are not the only ones who are waiting for the film crew - the film's director /Irena Skoric/ is waiting too, in front of her building where they should pick her up. What happens to the actors and the director, and will there even be a sequel? See this bitter film comedy to find out.

(D.H., 27.01.2012)