Emil Jurcan at the EVENTO festival

time: 06.10.2011. - 16.10.2011.
From 6-16 October 2011, Bordeaux is the host of the the second EVENTO festival, organized within the concept of Michelangelo Pistoletto. This year’s edition is focused on ‘art for an urban re-evolution’. The festival will present the exhibition Once upon a future, realized by Arc en rêve centre d’architecture, with the invited curators STEALTH.unlimited and Emil Jurcan.

Once upon a future narrates the urban utopias enrooted in Bordeaux and developed in 2030 – the year in which the city will reach the magic number of one million inhabitants.

The story, presented in the shape of a fresco, develops STEALTH’s vision put into words by Bruce Bégout and interpreted by graphic designers and comic strip artists. The inhabitants take charge of the future of the city. They display new forms of collective organization that make the city and weave new forms of solidarity.

The Abattoirs site welcomes the exhibition, facing the Debat-Ponsan warehouse, a remarkable witness of the inter-war architectural period. 'Here, we are still working', an installation by Isabelle Kraiser & Marc Pichelin, talks about the life of the place, which will soon be renovated as part of the Euratlantique project.

(I.P., 13.10.2011)