New Circus Festival 2011

time: 25.10.2011. - 30.10.2011.
place: Zagreb, Croatia
organiser: Mala performerska scena
The seventh New Circus Festival presents this new-circus boldness to challenge the laws of the system in order to realize the seemingly unattainable dreams. The festival takes place from 25th to 30th October in Zagreb.

Antoine Rigot, famous French tightwire walker, confronts the image of a perfect mechanism of the circus body with his own handicap. A man who cannot even walk on the ground without aid due to an accident – wishes to continue dancing on the tightwire. His company Les Colporteurs is an unavoidable French contemporary circus fact, one of the most significant names we brought to the festival. In the selection of awarded documentaries on tightwire walkers we will see that equilibrists manifest a literal need for freedom halfway between earth and the clouds, be it in civilisations of the Far East, as well as in-between the former twin towers of New York.
The successful Split company Room 100 presents “C8H11NO2”. With a budget just around one hundred Kuna and lighting made from plastic piping, in spite of local cultural funds disregard, they managed to become one of the most sought after Croatian contemporary circus products on European stages. Intimate and autoreferential performance on schizophrenia which combines breakdance and butoh, body contortion and joint dislocation, is supported through mentorship by Angela Laurier, the Canadian contortionist whose family confession we’ve seen at New Circus Festival in the year 2008.
Apart from the room number 100, we’re taking you back into the Red Room – Croatian cabaret with an international cast that won over audiences and critics at the last FNC, and again at this year’s Queer Zagreb, with two additional independent editions. You wanted more so here it is, once again refreshed, this spiced-up circus-burlesque variety will change the way you think a night out is supposed to be. As far as local cabaret forces go, you can support them in Ringenspiel, the finishing evening of the Festival where even those performers deemed too extreme for television quests for “supertalents” will be performing.

(Source: New Circus Festival)

(D.H., 11.10.2011)